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Why Kenya?

Exceptional multi-season droughts obsereved in Kenya in recent years

Drought conditions in Kenya have been a persistent problem for many communities, especially those relying on agriculture for their livelihoods. The prolonged absence of rainfall has resulted in crop failures, reduced livestock productivity, and ultimately, food insecurity. The situation is compounded by a growing population and limited access to water resources. The effects of drought not only have immediate consequences on people's ability to produce and access food, but also long-term impacts on economic stability, education, and health.

Our Mission

In order to support the reproducibility and scalability of the methods, the developed algorithms will be distributed with open access.We will prepare policy briefs for various levels and executive summaries and recommendations for action. Information will also be made publicly available on the project homepage. Furthermore, the developed processing chains and data products will be continuously integrated into the operational working practices of African partners.

EO Data

The project will use extensively time series from Sentinel Missions. These time series will be utilized to derive drought impact products and downscale evapotranspiration information. Additionally, the project aims to develop cropping system data products based on Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data.


ADM Kenya is part of EO Africa initiative. The objective of the new ESA initiative EO AFRICA (African Framework for Research, Innovation, Communities and Applications) is to build an African-European R&D partnership to facilitate the sustainable adoption of Earth Observation and related space technology in Africa. EO AFRICA follows a long-term vision (>10 years) for the emergent digital era in Africa. Starting from September 2022, 10 new projects are being kicked off, involving African developers, research groups and early adopters. This project is one of the four EO AFRICA ‘National Incubators’ projects that investigate how sustainable agriculture and/or drought monitoring at a national scale can be achieved in the African continent, by co-developing innovative EO-based solutions with African experts.


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Kenyan partners


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National and regional scale products

Collaborative approach for drought monitoring with Earth Observation data

We derive drought-relevant agricultural information tailored to user needs
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