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ADM-Kenya User workshop

ADM-Kenya team is preparing for the User workshop to be held in May in Nairobi.  The workshop aims to present the results of the EO…
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Review meeting at ESA ESRIN

The ADM-Kenya project team had a productive meeting at ESA ESRIN in January. The team met with the ESA technical officers and presented an update…
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Project duration November 2022-November 2024

Project Goals

ADM-KENYA aims to co-develop solutions for monitoring drought impact and cropping systems with Earth Observation (EO) data to derive evidence-based quantitative vegetation condition estimates.

Goal 1

Setting a baseline for the analysis by understanding the needs of the African stakeholders as well as the large review of the state-of-the-art of EO-based methods.

Goal 2

Provide spatially explicit products on drought impact and generating of a solid method for drought hazard monitoring by improving existing approaches based on time series of medium-resolution data and integration of optimized spectral and spatial resolution of Sentinel-2 data (time series analysis, sensor fusion, downscaling).

Goal 3

Develop an integrated system combining remote sensing (RS) and deep learning (DL) approaches for mapping cropping systems. Here data products will be generated that are relevant to drought impact as different practices can affect the susceptibility and vulnerability to drought.

Goal 4

Synthesizing results across scales & knowledge domains, linking them to existing policies and user needs, and assessing risks, opportunities and potential solutions.

Contribution to the fulfillment of the sustainability goals
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):


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Collaborative approach for drought monitoring with Earth Observation data

We derive drought-relevant agricultural information tailored to user needs
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